M.G.Y. & The Government Sukuk of Indonesia

The sanity, the ability, the opportunity.. All which are said and done.. Make us all in debt.. To the ones we love.. And to the ones who love us.. And it has been such a surf in maintaining the existence of Indonesian Government Sukuk. We hope that the Indonesians love us because we have been trying to make our country stronger and better with this Sukuk and, in sya Allah, more loved by God. Let us pray as in a pray for our heaven above...

Pray for Heaven
By M.G.Y.
Ya Allah the Merciful , we know we can't escape our return to you. Make our deeds acceptable & sins forgiveable. Let our last day be the best day of our lives & admit us, our parents, family, friends and loved ones into heaven of Jannatul Firdausi."