The Farmer – Hasanuddin Yasni


Ir. Hasanuddin Yasni, MM, is a practitioner who is highly interested in Food Processing and Cold Chain System. He accomplished his Master Degree in Management of Agribusiness. He is still working as a consultant in Food and Agriculture Industry and as a Chairman of Board of Executive (BOE) of Cold Chain Association of Indonesia (ARPI). Beside as a Chairman of ARPI, Hasanuddin Yasni is also as a Board of Trustee of Animal Logistics Forum of Indonesia, as a Board of Expert of I-PLAN Forum, as a Technical Team & Draft Team of Indonesia National Standard (SNI) for Refrigerant & Warehouse Receipt, and Professional Member of Working Group of ISO PC 315 for Cool Parcel Delivery.

Before as a Chairman of ARPI, Hasanuddin Yasni had many experiences as a Manager in big companies, as a (1) Coordinator Project of PT. Daun Buah (a subsidiary of PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur), (2) Farm Coordinator of Shrimp Business and Plant Manager of Seafood Processing of PT. Suri Tani Pemuka (a subsidiary of PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk), (3) Production Director of Palm Oil Plantation of PT. Perusahaan Perkembangan Pertanian.

Hasanuddin Yasni is also as a Trainer and Speaker in many cold chain industries activities. Based on his area as a Trainer, its area includes: (1) Post Harvest Handling of Fresh Products Practices, (2) Cold Supply Chain Management, (3) Cold Chain Assessment Practices, and (4) Cold Logistics Management. Based on as a Speaker, Hasanuddin Yasni had explained cold chain issues and solution at: (1) National Cold Chain Seminar for Seafood, Beef & Poultry and Horticulture products every year, (2) Global Cold Chain Conference for Cold Logistics, Ningbo and Dalian, China, (3) USDA Cold Chain Conference, Manila, Philippines, (4) Asia Cold Chain Conference & Expo, Bangkok, Thailand, and (5) ISO PC 315 1st Meeting, Tokyo, Japan. Hasanuddin Yasni also had an experience in financing of SMEs Program: (1) Sharia Financing from BNI 46 Sharia Bank, and (2) General Financing from Mandiri Bank.